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College of Engineering
The college features smart technologies and is equipped with a Precision Center and Clean Room, it is also noted for its high caliber of inter-disciplinary research.  
A.. Characterized by its excellent teaching faculty and fully equipped facilities, the college lays an emphasis on its inter-disciplinary research programs providing seamless integration with the needs of industrial enterprises.
B. The college's high-caliber of R&D capabilities helps the college receive a large number of grants from MOE and other scientific institutions.
C. Focusing on a combination of theory and practice in project studies, students are awarded numerous prizes in project competitions within Taiwan and internationally.
- Department of Mechanical and Computer- Aided Engineering
- Department of Electronic Engineering
- Department of Electrical Engineering
- Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
- Department of Information and Communication Engineering
- Bachelor Degree Program of Health Care Information
- Department of Vehicle Engineering (Junior College)
College of Business and Management
The college offers comprehensive curricula providing students with competent abilities and skills in organizational operations, enterprise analysis, and communication. Much attention is paid to inter-disciplinary curricula design, specialized courses, and information technology applications, project studies integrating theory and practice, and foreign language proficiency training. This broad spectrum provides students with managerial abilities and proper work ethic that will be conducive for their future career development.  
- Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
- Department of Information Management
- Department of Business Administration
- Department of Applied English
- Department of Marketing and Logistics Management
- Department of Fashion Administration & Management
College of Human Ecology and Design
The college consists of six departments: The Department of Leisure Sport and Health Management, the Department of Tourism and Leisure Management, the Department of Multimedia Design, the Department of Digital Literature and Arts, the Department of Creative Design and the Department of Senior Service Business.
Integrating with local health care, leisure and tourism attractions, the college successfully employs its multimedia and commercial product design capabilities to cultivate students with the abilities related to the integration of theory and practice. Aided with business internship projects, students can strengthen their future career adaptability and become leaders with multiple enterprises.
- Department of Leisure Sport and Health Management
- Department of Digital Literature and Arts
- Department of Creative Design
- Department of Tourism and Leisure Management
- Department of Multimedia Design
- Department of Senior Service Business